Therapy Room 7

Located on the 2nd Floor.

Room 7 is a beautiful, calming space on the first floor. Situated at the front of the building, the space has been set up to make it suitable for one to one counselling, coaching and also complimentary therapies. There is a massage couch permanently set up in this room and therefore message therapists and bodyworkers are especially invited to make use of this space.

An additional heater has been provided to ensure the warmth of clients, and a Himalayan Salt lamp is offered which provides a healing, therapeutic glow.

There is plenty of natural light from the large window. The blinds can be closed if required. In the evenings, the lamps can be used as an alternative to the main lighting if preferred.

Although this room is on the first floor, it can be accessed by wheelchair users via the lift.

All rooms offer access to free WiFi.

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