COVID Policies

We are COVID-ready and operating within government guidelines

COVID safe procedures for your visit to Brightstone Clinic

Please familiarise yourself with these guidelines before attending the clinic


Use hand sanitiser provided at the entrance

Press doorbell and stand behind the white line

Keep a social distance from anyone else waiting.

Being welcomed into the clinic

Your therapist will welcome you in and show you to the therapy room, opening and closing doors for you on the way

You will be invited to take a seat nearest the window which will be slightly open to aid ventilation(throws are available if you get chilly)

You may be sat further apart from your therapist than you are used to, to maintain social distancing Hand sanitiser will be available to you next to your seat


Your therapist will escort you to the nearest WC, opening doors on the way Each WC has instructions for hygienic use

Your therapist will keep the therapy room door open until you return and your session can continue


To help keep you safe, we ask you to bring your own water to the session to drink

Leaving the clinic

At the end of the session your therapist will open doors and see you out, asking you to use the hand sanitiser provided at the exit Your therapist will wipe down chair arms and table tops with antiseptic wipes


You are free to wear a mask if you wish Practitioners who wish to wear masks may do so All practitioners offering body work requiring close working SHOULD wear masks and aprons and follow the COVID secure guidance of their professional bodies. This includes massage therapists, physios, reflexologists, acupuncturists, Bowen practitioners etc.

Clients attending for body work may be asked to wear a mask

Thank you for helping to keep Brightstone Clinic COVID safe

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COVID Policy

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