Introducing Hope Street Social CIC

Working to build communities and reduce loneliness and isolation.

Loneliness and isolation were exacerbated by the recent COVID-19 pandemic, and have become a daily reality for many people – young, older and everything in between – in the UK. We believe that people of all ages need connections that matter.

Hope Street Social has a mission to build that sense of community and connection here in Sandbach. We are working to reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation by offering a regular meeting space to help people locally build and maintain meaningful connections and relationships.

Social club Sandbach for loneliness and isolation

Along with nature connection, social interaction is clinically proven to help people to feel better and even strengthen the immune system. As our world becomes more digitalised and artificially intelligent, we are hoping to continue to embrace the old ways of meeting in person, to deepen into our personhood and find strength and solidarity with our fellow humans.

Come and join us – all welcome

We will be offering a weekly programme of creative and inclusive events – hosted on a Sunday morning at Brightstone Clinic – for people to attend, develop a skill, listen to a talk on an interesting topic, make something or just enjoy a cuppa and a chat.

We will share more as the weeks progress, however if you or anyone you know is interested in learning more or coming along, please do get in touch with us at and we can keep you up to date with news as things develop.

Make friends and connect

If you are feeling lonely and isolated for whatever reason, you don't have to do this alone. We have created a warm and welcoming space where you can come and meet other people locally.

Bring more joy into your life

When we connect with others in a meaningful way, our immune systems get a boost. Hope Street Social provides you with the opportunity to get out for a while and enjoy the company of others.

Make better, healthier new choices

Build confidence, learn new skills, develop a hobby, heal from the past.

What sorts of activities will the social club offer?

People come to me for help a wide range of issues. Here are a few of the more common difficulties that can be supported through counselling:

Arts and crafts


Sound baths

Basket weaving

Poetry and writing


Nature connection

Pebble painting

Shared lunch

Talks and guest speakers

Make do and mend

A space to just relax, talk and 'be'

Get in touch

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the social club or you want to get involved.

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