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ethics, n. :

"The term ethics derives from an ancient word ethos, which means character (Tylim 2004).

Freedom, authenticity, genuineness, being real, respect, honesty and humanity are all highly valued and these ethical values “...

remain silent, invisible – like a ghost – until they are violated.” (Tylim 2004: 610).

It is for this reason that ethics form the bedrock of any truly therapeutic endeavour and why Brightstone Clinic emphasises the need for all practitioners to work conscientiously to a professional code of ethics.


Brightstone Clinic asks that all practitioners take responsibility and agree to be held accountable for their work. This involves keeping up to date professional indemnity insurance and public liability insurance, and working within one’s professional capacities. Brightstone Clinic encourages practitioners to learn and develop, whilst at the same time being honest and not misrepresenting their training and skills.

Fitness to Practice

Brightstone Clinic encourages practitioners to maintain regular supervision and training and to invest in their own self care.

Brightstone Clinic encourages practitioners to share their expertise with other practitioners in the clinic and welcomes the offer of workshops, training events, peer supervision groups, taster events and so forth.

Relational Culture

We can work it out.

If we possibly can, we will. We want to encourage a culture where difficulties can be resolved through discussion and adaptation. If there is a problem, please come and talk to us.

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